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Maintenance Request

Inform Us of a Maintenance Issue


We use the Rentvine platform to handle all maintenance and repair issues.
Rentvine is a user-friendly and efficient platform that streamlines the maintenance request process, making it easier for you to report any issues that may arise.

The best part is that registering and using the Rentvine platform is completely free for all our tenants. It's a convenient way to ensure that your maintenance needs are addressed promptly and hassle-free.

For all non-emergency maintenance requests, simply log in to your Rentvine account and submit the details of the issue. The platform allows you to submit maintenance requests online, and communicate directly with our maintenance team, ensuring a prompt and effective resolution.

However, we understand that emergencies can happen at any time, and quick action is crucial in such situations. Therefore, we have designated emergency contact numbers for tenants residing in Arizona and Ohio.

For emergencies in Arizona, please call (480) 443-4500.

For emergencies in Ohio, please call (937) 974-8110.

Please remember that emergencies should be limited to situations that require immediate attention, such as gas leaks, flooding, fire, or other life-threatening situations.